Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Story of Hate

Die Schulfeindin - Story

Die Schulfeindin is a story about Hate. It´s about two women who knew each other since school. Miriam who never could become the person she wanted to be and Angela, the most popular girl. Angela always was the most beautiful girl, from a wealthy family, always the girl every boy wanted to be together with and the girl all other girls wanted to be best friend with. Miriam never felt happy. She soon realized she never will be as pretty as Angela and painfully had to learn that Thomas, the most popular guy in class, fell in love with Angela and never cared about Miriam who had nothing and who always was - nothing. When Angela invited girls to her birthday party, Miriam was not invited and Angela and her pretty friends made fun of Miriam.
Miriam became possesed - hating Angela and thinking of horrible ways of how to torture and kill her. And some years later Miriam accidently meets Angela who is now a student on her way home from university. Miriam follows Angela and together with her friend Karin she takes Angela prisoner in her apartment.
Miriam and Karin tie Angela up and Miriam can´t almost believe she finally has the beautfiul Angela at her mercy. While Karin is more interested in stealing Angela´s money and car, Miriam just loves to see Angela suffer. She tortures Angela and tells her how much she always hated her.
For the beautiful Angela a nightmare starts. Angela always had been the one who told others what to do, she always was the one whom everyone loved. Now she is at Miriam´s mercy, a girl she always considered inferior and never cared much about not even knowing how much Miriam felt insulted when Angela did not invite her to her birthday party and not even knowing that Miriam was once in love with her boyfriend.
Now the beautiful and cool Angela is at Miriam´s mercy, helpless, bound and gagged and Miriam is the one who insults and tortures her. For Miriam a dream has come true.
The girl she always hated is now at her mercy and she can do with her whatever she wants. And Miriam is determined to punish Angela by killing her very, very slowly.

Photos: Copyright 1994 by Michael Huck

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