Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hate and Jealousy - Karin

The Characters 2: Karin - Life is not fair

Claudia Splitt plays Miriam´s friend Karin. She never has met Angela before but she has met kind of Angelas before. Like Miriam, Karin always was the ugly duckling while some other girl, more beautiful and more popular always was there. Karin like Miriam feels life is not fair and she is jealous and she hates Angela because Angela is beautiful and because she has money and because she has a beautiful life.
Karin enjoys to humiliate Angela whom she considers an arrogant beauty. Karin feels inferior and just likes the idea of having her bound and gagged. Karin actually likes to see Angela suffer.
Like Miriam, Claudia becomes a kind of monster without being supernatural. What both characters makes so dangerous is they are real. They are not fantasies out of a horror story they are "girls next door", very, very evil "girls next door".
Karin just loves the idea of watching the helpless bound and gagged Angela struggling when her rat crawls over her body. Karin really thinks Angela deserves to be treated this way because she has all and Karin has nothing. From Karin´s point of view, Angela deserves to suffer.
Claudia Splitt and Kerstin Orf played this sick kind of joy in a perfect way. Here are some stills showing how much Miriam and Karin enjoy to humilitate their helpless victim.
On the other hand Marlene played Angela not as just a victim. Even when she is bound and gagged she somehow manages to look beautiful and superior what makes Karin and Miriam of course even more angry.

Copyright 1994 by Michael Huck

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