Thursday, June 17, 2010

Acting Hate and Arrogance

Acting Hate and Arrogance

Here are some stills of the 40 minute black & white version which is now available with new musical score on the remastered Unhappy End! 2dvd.

The black & white version is kind of darker mood but the focus still is on the psycho-fight between Miriam (Kerstin Orf) and her beautiful victim Anglea (Marlene Marlow). Miriam enjoys terrorizing Angela, the once most beautiful in school when Miriam was the unhappy ugly-duckling. Kerstin Orf plays her character in a dark, uncanny way showing all the craziness and acting very, very mean. She really enjoys to torture her helpless bound and gagged victim. On the other hand Marlene Marlow manages in a very unusual way to play the victim part. Instead of playing the vulnerable victim, Miss Marlow finds a way to still look superior even when helpless bound and gagged. In a scene when Miriam recalls Angela´s 15th birthday, Ms Marlow manages to laugh about Miriam´s ridiculous behavior through her gag and makes Miriam look inferior. Even bound and gagged Angela still is the cool and beautiful school beauty queen while Miriam always will remain the ugly-duckling.

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